I was told that the Biden administration would be hard on the genocidal Chinese regime. Apparently, offending communists on Twitter is where they draw the line! Secretary of State Antony Blinken deleted a tweet on Thursday that criticized the Chinese government's recent actions in Hong Kong and said the U.S. stands with the people of the territory. Blinken was addressing China's decision to disqualify seven pro-democracy district councilors two days after a deadline had passed for them to provide information to determine whether their oaths of office were valid. Here was Blinken's original tweet: And this was the revised one: That's pretty dang insane. He literally removed "we stand with the people of Hong Kong" and you know it was to appease Emperor Xi of China, who is right now nodding his head in approval at Blinken's actions. Our Secretary of State is out there deleting tweets so that he doesn't offend a brutal communist government that is running roughshod over the people of Hong Kong and abusing the deal Britain made 20 years ago to ensure the city remained free. Not to mention the, you know, concentration camps and genocide. It's absolutely bonkers. Do you guys realize just how evil the Chinese government is? This was the State Department's response: The team that manages the Secretary's twitter account mistakenly sent the tweet intended to come from the spokesperson. We fixed that error and tweeted from both accounts, speaking out about Hong Kong authorities' disqualification of pro-democracy district councilors. Suggestions that this administrative change was somehow motivated by political concerns is patently untrue. The tweets affirm—in words and in meaning—that the United States stands with the people of Hong Kong. We urge the PRC to allow the people of Hong Kong to meaningfully participate in their governance. YEAH … OK. Why remove the wording from the tweet then? Even if their explanation is true (it's prob not), why remove that specific phrase?? ? People of Hong Kong asking for support: Biden administration: P.S. Now check out our latest video about how Jeff Bezos wants to live forever and actually can ? [Keep up with our latest videos — Subscribe to our YouTube channel!]