China News plans to have a “civilized” internet that reflects its Marxist values, one which will become a worldwide civilization for everyone. They will implement more regulations for starters, with tools that correct rumors and shadowbans. Recently, they cracked down on the entertainment industry and fan clubs, punishing people for taking too many liberties. The State Council and Chinese Communist Party, in a document titled “ Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Network Civilization ,” is now public and translated on China News. “The country aims to consolidate the guiding status of Marxism in the ideological cyberspace sphere, foster a common ideology among the whole Party and the Chinese people, and interiorize principle socialist values.” The Maoist dictators will use the internet as a tool for spreading information [propaganda] on “the great achievements of [the Chinese Communist] party in each historical period of revolution, construction, and reform.” The document also recommends a “clear-cut stand against historical nihilism [nihilism rejects objective truth. We are reasonably sure the CCP will do exactly that].” They plan to take over the world, one computer at a time. They write: “Pay attention to the role of online democracies, extensively build platforms, and carry out special activities to attract the majority of netizens, especially youth online democracies, to participate in the construction of online civilization.” To make the Internet “civilized,” the document recommends the creation of a national online system to hide rumors, based on a “fact-checking” service that provides government-approved narratives called the China Internet Joint Rumor Refusal Program. Doesn’t all of this sound exactly like what Facebook and Twitter do to people who are not leftists? Other recommendations include regulating the use of internet slang, encouraging people to report “uncivilized” online activity, and categorizing professionally-run social media accounts.