On the 18th, the adult group of the 14th National Games Women’s Volleyball Team played Henan against Jiangsu and Zhu Ting watched the match.Photo by Zhang Yichen (Shaanxi National Games) The situation of Shanghai and Jiangsu women’s volleyball team winning three consecutive victories is becoming clear China News Service, Xi’an, September 18th (Reporter Zhang Yichen) On the evening of the 18th, the women’s volleyball team of the 14th National Games (hereinafter referred to as the 14th National Games) ended the third round of the competition, and the Shanghai and Jiangsu women’s volleyball teams ushered in Three consecutive victories, temporarily leading the other six teams in the standings. The prospects of the three wars between Henan and Shandong are worrying. Eight teams from Henan, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Shandong, Tianjin, Zhejiang and Shanghai participated in the senior women’s volleyball competition of the 14th National Games. The round-robin system is implemented in the competition, and the top four teams in the final total points enter the semi-finals. The defending champion Jiangsu team and the four major national players in support of Tianjin team are regarded as favorites in the championship. In the 4 games that day, Tianjin, Liaoning, and Shanghai all defeated their opponents 3:0, and Jiangsu team beat Henan team 3:1. In the match between the Shanghai team and the Guangdong team, the Shanghai team’s starting lineup consisted of main attackers Yang Jie and Zhang Yichan, deputy attackers Gao Yi and Qin Siyu, supporting Zhang Lei, setter Bian Yuqian and freeman Wang Weiyi. For the Guangdong team, although Li Yao missed the Olympic roster, he is still the core of the team’s reliance. In the first game, the Guangdong team has been in a catching-up situation. When the score was approaching 12:15, the Shanghai team scored three points to separate the score and won the first game with 25:17. In the second game, Shanghai team Yang Jie, Qin Siyu and others frequently counterattack to score points. The result of 25:13 also reflects the impatient mentality of Guangdong team players. In the third game, the Guangdong team, which had improved slightly, chased the score to 12:13, but the experienced Shanghai team played steadily and opened the score again, finally winning 25:20. On the 18th, the women’s volleyball team of the 14th National Games in the adult group competition, Jiangsu (blue) beat Henan (red) 3:1.Photo by Zhang Yichen It is worth mentioning that the Shanghai team has not lost a game in three games, showing its fiery state. “Single-round group stage, the competition for the top four is fierce. The Shanghai team has more veterans, but the first three games were won by 3:0. The players did not consume much physical strength. This is an ideal start for us. “Shanghai team coach Wu Zhiteng told Chinanews.com reporters after the game that the first three games were in line with the team’s pre-match expectations, especially today’s game against Guangdong. The players performed well in terms of mental outlook, technical links and psychological preparation. The match between Jiangsu team and Henan team, due to the absence of Zhu Ting, made the outcome of the match lack of suspense. Before the match and during the match, Zhu Ting, with gauze wrapped around her wrist, appeared “very busy”, picking up the ball for his teammates, handing water to the players, sitting on the sidelines and applauding, with a focused expression. The Jiangsu team led by Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu defeated Zhejiang 3-1 in the last round. In the first game, they easily won 25:14. In the second game, the Jiangsu team successively replaced some of the main players. The young players of the Henan team seized the opportunity to bite the score, but unfortunately lost the second game by 22:25. In the third game, as the Jiangsu team’s two main players Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu both came off the court to rest, the strength gap between the players on the two sides gradually narrowed. The Henan team struggled to regain the game at 25:23. Zhu Ting off the court also clapped and celebrated with his teammates. . As the Olympic athlete Gong Xiangyu re-entered the fourth game, the winning scale once again tilted to the Jiangsu team. Gong Xiangyu lived up to expectations and led the team to win 25:16. “Today also exposed some of the team’s problems on the field, which need to be adjusted in subsequent games and training.” Talking about being replaced, Zhang Changning of the Jiangsu team said that the coach has overall considerations for the game, and she also hopes. The little players can play more and feel the atmosphere of the National Games. (over) .