Hong Kong, September 18 (ANI): A prominent pro-democracy group from Hong Kong deleted its publications from the internet following a notice from the police authorities to take down their posts. The developments came after the police authorities ordered them to delete the content in order to comply with law and order, Kyodo News reported.

The group has deleted a large amount of content from their website including the pictures of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre.

The group has also deleted its handles from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, Kyodo News reported.

Earlier this month, four members of the group were also arrested by the police after they refused to comply with a police demand to hand in certain information about the group.

This development is the latest example of Beijing's crackdown on pro-democratic entities in Hong Kong.

A few days ago, nine Hong Kong pro-democracy activists were also sentenced to between six and 10 months in jail while three others were handed suspended sentences for joining peaceful Tiananmen vigil.

The sentencing came one week after leaders of the group behind the annual vigil were separately accused of inciting subversion following a police raid on a museum in the city dedicated to remembering the crackdown in Tiananmen Square in 1989, reported Al Jazeera.

As China has strengthened control over Hong Kong through varieties of laws including the draconian National Security Law, the people of the semi-autonomous city are facing increasing policing and crackdown.

According to RFA, most of Hong Kong's opposition lawmakers are either in jail or have fled overseas since the national security law crackdown began. (ANI)

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