Fraud in the analysis of products sold on Amazon is much more than a one-time problem. And Amazon wants to nip it in the bud. Amazon is the largest commercial showcase in the world, and all third-party stores know that if any of their products become popular and receive good ratings, they can get rich. But at the same time, there are hundreds of thousands of third-party vendors in , the competition is brutal, and it’s hard to stand out. So many brands and sellers have turned to foul play: bribe customers to get good reviews. And Amazon has already tired: it has forever expelled 600 Chinese technology brands and more than 3,000 vendors, for product analysis fraud. This mass expulsion it was announced by a Chinese media , and Amazon has confirmed it in The Verge . It is a major change in attitude, because until now the company had never discussed an issue that generates a bad reputation for its store, limiting itself to launching statements stating that they work to prevent abuses with the store’s use policy. At The Verge An Amazon representative has confirmed this expulsion of 600 Chinese brands and 3,000 sellers, claiming they have raped “multiple times“the company’s sales policy. It has also clarified that the marks expelled “they knew exactly what they were doing“. And what does this review fraud on Amazon? In research carried out, the company has found that some brands sent gift cards to customers who had bought the product, to leave a good review. In the case of salespeople, they used this same practice or they promised the product for free. Did a disguised cancellation and they returned what they had paid, without having to return the product, in exchange for leaving a good review of the product and the store. Most of the brands manufactured technological accessories for computers and mobiles: batteries, chargers, cases, USB readers, webcams, and many other products. Among those expelled there are many well-known ones, such as Aukey, Mpow, RavPower, Vava, TaoTronics, and Choetech. Regardless, it is a very difficult practice to pursue. Products of these brands have already been detected for sale again, under another name.