Beijing: African nations have started cornering China on investment-related matters with some of them cancelling contracts with Chinese companies as their “shoddy” work has become a source of tension for the ruling dispensations in several nations across the continent, media reports said.

After Ghana cancelled the contract of Beijing Everyway Traffic and Lighting Tech Co Ltd, which was to develop an intelligent traffic management system for the country, President of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Felix Tshisekedi has called for a review of mining contracts previously signed with China in 2008, The Singapore Post reported.

Unhappy with China’s exploitative tendency, the DRC president said, “Those with whom his country signed contracts are getting richer while DRC people remain poor.”

In Congo, lack of transparency remained another issue of concern especially with the Chinese-related projects.

Given this sordid picture, local residents in Kinshasa, Kisangani and other cities, unhappy with the Chinese companies’ approach towards road and other infra projects, asked President Tshisekedi to review the deal signed during then President Joseph Kabila’s regime, reported the news portal.

Earlier Ghana cancelled the contract for China-led Everyway Traffic and Lighting Tech Co Ltd in February. The $100 million project was intended to help improve security in the country. But the Ghana government found Everyway Traffic and Lightening Tech’s work not up to any satisfaction and cancelled the project outright, reports The Singapore Post.

China has been receiving international flak in recent times over its imperious debt-trap diplomacy. Related Images