Lithuania on Tuesday discouraged consumers from using Chinese mobile devices – finding it has built-in censorship capabilities that undermine freedom of speech and personal data protection. This comes after a September 21 government report showed that flagship phones sold in Europe by Chinese phone maker Xiaomi have built-in and remotely built-in tools to detect and block sensitive words without the user’s permission. controlled techniques. The investigation by the National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) has targeted 5G smartphones manufactured in China that are being supplied locally since 2020. Selected manufacturers include Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei and China’s second-largest cellphone maker Xiaomi. Investigators identified a list with 449 Chinese words from a Xiaomi device that could be censored by its default Internet browser, including “free Tibet,” “long live Taiwan’s independence” and “democratic movement”. Are included. NCSC said that the keyword list was also updated from time to time. Meanwhile, according to reports, a Xiaomi device was transferring encrypted data to a server in Singapore. A security flaw was also found in the Huawei 5G phone. Presenting the report to reporters, Deputy Minister of Defense Margiris Abukavicius advised consumers not to buy new Chinese phones and give up the ones already bought. “This is important not only for Lithuania but for all countries that use Xiaomi devices,” the NCSC said in the report. Xiaomi did not respond to a request for comment. . This News Originally From – The Epoch Times