In the U22 men’s basketball semifinals of the just-concluded National Games, the Guangdong men’s basketball team took advantage of the obvious advantages in strength to beat the Hubei men’s basketball team 109-80 and competed with the Liaoning men’s basketball team in the final. However, the most prominent players in the game were not the top national players such as Zhao Rui, Hu Mingxuan and Shen Zijie, but the former Fujian player Tang Jie who has not yet won a CBA contract! In the face of many national players, Tang Jie scored a game-high 35 points and 9 assists on 14 of 16 shots in this campaign, successfully attracting the attention of fans with his outstanding performance. In the offseason this year, Tang Jie, whose contract expired, failed to obtain the contract extension of the Fujian Men’s Basketball Team and was not invited by other CBA teams. As a result, he was still a free agent at the end of the player registration period and participated in the new season. Hope for CBA is slim. In order to continue his career, representing the Hubei Men’s Basketball Team in the National Games has become Tang Jie’s last chance. In the previous three games, Tang Jie scored 12 points, 25 points and 29 points respectively. His performance gradually increased as the team’s main guard, leading the Hubei Men’s Basketball Team to beat the Beijing Men’s Basketball Team with a score of 1 win and 2 losses. powerful. An eye-catching Tang Jie has re-attracted the attention of public opinion and fans. Facing the strong enemy Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team today, Tang Jie gave full play to his characteristics of becoming stronger when he met: From the first quarter of the game, he continued to use breakthroughs and long shots to attack the Guangdong team’s defense line, and achieved good results. In the absence of the team’s main scoring points, Tang Jie has become the Hubei men’s basketball team at the speed of fame, so that the national guard line of the Guangdong men’s basketball team has also withstood the test. Tang Jie scored 10 points and 5 assists in the first half alone, becoming the core of the Hubei men’s basketball team. Although the difference in strength caused the Hubei men’s basketball team to be firmly suppressed by the Guangdong men’s basketball team, the score difference was quickly opened to more than 20 points, but as the game gradually entered the training time, the decline in defensive strength made Tang Jie’s breakthrough advantage even more important. In the second half, Tang Jie played seven in and seven out of the opponent’s penalty area like Zhao Zilong. Especially in the last quarter, it became his performance time: After a dragon counterattacked “2+1”, the morale of Tang rose greatly. Jie then used the speed to reach the inside for four consecutive times and scored 8 points, leaving the Guangdong players helpless. After that, Tang Jie was like a wild horse running out of the box, still running for the layup again and again when the outcome was determined, constantly improving his personal score, but also allowing everyone to see his efforts. His never-giving up spirit and persistent attitude won the respect of his teammates and even Guangdong players. At the last moment of the game, Tang Jie signaled his teammates to step out to create singles opportunities for him, while Guangdong players all left the basket after seeing this, creating for him Performance space. Tang Jie grabbed the ball and went straight to the basket to try to dunk. Although he switched to scoring because of the lack of bounce height, he still put a perfect end to his excellent performance in the game-14 of 16 shots and won The game’s highest score of 35 points and 9 assists, the sum of points surpassed Guangdong’s highest-scoring Xu Jie and Shen Zijie. Facing the CBA champion, is Tang Jie worth a new CBA contract? Hope that one day, we can still see Tang Jie Yiqi Juechen in CBA. (Legend)Return to Sohu to see more Editor: Disclaimer: The opinions of this article only represent the author himself. Sohu is an information publishing platform. Sohu only provides information storage space services. .