– China declared that cryptocurrency-related businesses are illegal – Bitcoin, Ether, and stablecoin Tether do not qualify as legal tender in China – BTC drops in price as the announcement went out Once again, China reiterated its antagonistic stance on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. In an announcement, the People’s Bank of China (PBOC) mentioned that BTC, ETH, and USDT are not legal tenders in China. They added that these cannot be used in the currency market. Additionally, the central bank deemed all crypto-related businesses as illegal. This includes overseas exchanges serving residents within China and derivative transactions. Following the news, Bitcoin’s price fell by almost $2,000 as the news circulated. This has been a common pattern whenever China FUD comes out. Earlier, China also reiterated its stance on crypto trading and mining while testing the Digital Yuan. According to the PBOC, it will continue releasing regulatory pressure over the crypto trading industry. Despite the negative news, many analysts remain bullish on Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. According to analyst Lark Davis, this is not new and will happen again in the future. In a tweet , Davis mentioned that “The year is 2025, #bitcoin has just corrected from 400k to 250k on China banning BTC fears.”