American and Chinese artificial intelligence start-ups have together captured around 80% of global venture capital investments in the sector, according to an OECD study published on Thursday. Sino-US dominance over AI investments is stronger than in any tech sector combined, where the US / China pair captures an average of 72% of VC investments. Of the 73.6 billion venture capital invested in AI startups around the world, the United States captured 56%, and China around 24%. The EU comes next with 4% (including 1% in France, ranked 10th in the world) followed by the United Kingdom and Israel (around 3%), India, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Korea. South. Read alsoCaption Market, the exchange for French start-ups “Start-ups specializing in AI in the sectors of autonomous vehicles, health, medicines and biotechnologies, business support functions, are the ones that have attracted the bulk of the amounts invested, According to the report. The report also notes that Chinese investors are much less likely than American investors to bet outside their borders. Chinese investments represent only 3% of AI venture capital investments in the United States, while American investors represent 10% of AI venture capital investments in China.