The Chinese owner of a second-hand Tesla Model S has successfully sued the car manufacturer.

Al Jazeera reports that a court in Beijing concluded that Tesla had misrepresented the condition of the second-hand Model S that was purchased by Han Chao for 379,700 yuan ($58,700). An investigation concluded that the car had undergone major repairs following an accident before it was sold to Han.

The court ordered Tesla to refund the cost of the car and pay damages of three times the purchase price, resulting in a total payout exceeding 1.5 million yuan (~$232,600).

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“The verdict can be regarded as a milestone in consumer rights protections against big companies,” partner at Haodong Law Firm, Zhang Xiaoling, said. “The case may boost the confidence of consumers facing a similar situation and probably will bring more followers.”

Despite the court’s ruling, the battle between Chao and Tesla is far from over. Tesla is suing him for apparently damaging two courtesy cars and for slander after he accused the automaker of lying in court on his Weibo account. Chao claims that Tesla is seeking more than 5.85 million yuan ($907,000) in damages from him and requested the court freeze his assets.

Chao is counter-suing Tesla for defamation after the car manufacturer portrayed him as the organizer of a protest at the Shanghai auto show where a woman went viral after shouting out complaints about her Tesla Model 3.

“The principal is never be intimidated by unfairness or formidable rivalry, no matter how flamboyant or strong it looks,” Han recently wrote on his Weibo account. “Right is right. Wrong is wrong.”