Beijing time:2021-10-01 02:20 [New Tang Dynasty News October 01, 2021 Beijing time]Many places in Mainland China Curtailment On the occasion, the Premier of the State Council of the Communist Party of China Li Keqiang Meet the new appointments from 28 countries Diplomatic envoy to china , Said it will guarantee energy electricity supply .Some analysts say that the mainland Curtailment Stop production, the seven major industries became the hardest hit areas. Li Keqiang’s propaganda is worried that the electricity shortage will affect companies from various countries to invest in China. CCTV said that on the afternoon of September 30, Li Keqiang Meet the new appointments from 28 countries in the Beijing Great Hall Diplomatic envoy to china , Saying that China will maintain the continuity and stability of the macro policy, and do a good job of pre-adjustment, fine-tuning and inter-cyclical adjustments to stabilize the reasonable expectations of the market. He said that it will maintain the stability of the industrial chain supply chain and ensure energy electricity supply , To protect basic people’s livelihood, ensure that the economy is operating within a reasonable range; promote high-level opening to the outside world, create a market-oriented, legalized, and international business environment, adhere to the same treatment of domestic and foreign companies, promote fair competition, and welcome companies from all over the world to invest in China. Li Keqiang mentioned “energy and power supply” in his speech. It is reported that recently, more than ten provinces including Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Liaoning, and Jilin in mainland China have implemented electricity curtailment measures. Some companies have shut down operations, which have also affected people’s livelihood power consumption. Taiwanese researcher Fang Yashen recently wrote in the “Xiantan Investment Weekly 2163” that the mainland’s electricity curtailment has hit local manufacturing industries. Among Taiwanese companies, printed circuit boards (PCBs), heat dissipation, passive components, shoemaking, cables, machinery, and rubber The seven major groups spanning electronics and traditional industries have become the hardest hit areas, even affecting the shipments of international brands such as Apple, Nike, and Adidas. The article stated that what industrial production cares most is whether the power supply is sufficient. The power supply in mainland China is unstable. Whether it’s two or four holidays, it will have a major impact on factory production and shipments. Fang Yashen believes that once the output price of the world’s factories (mainland China) rises, it will be reflected in the sales of various countries. It must be an increase in prices. Consumers must buy goods at higher prices, and inflation will gradually form. It is reported that Goldman Sachs (Goldman Sachs) estimated last month that China’s monthly GDP growth forecast for the third quarter was lowered to 0 from the previous 1.3%, and the forecast for the fourth quarter was lowered from 8.5% to 6%. The third quarter annual growth forecast is lowered from 5.1% to 4.8%, and the fourth quarter growth forecast is lowered from 4.1% to 3.2%. (Reporter Li Jinfeng Comprehensive Report / Chief Editor: Li Quan) The URL of this article: