October 5, 2021 The Octopus Octopus posted an announcement on its official Facebook page earlier today, stating that the “online value-added service” of the mobile Octopus card is currently not available. Users cannot add value to their mobile Octopus via online transfer. Some users indicated that the Octopus failed to add value after the bank deduction. After the Octopus online value-added service malfunctioned, a large number of users left a message on the Octopus Facebook page, saying that even after the value-added failure, the bank was still deducting money and seeking a refund method, but the page just replayed the announcement content in response. Some users left messages indicating that no one answered when they called the customer service hotline, and no one responded in the Octopus app. The incident caused dissatisfaction among a large number of users. At present, the Octopus official has not explained the cause of the failure. However, it means that customers can continue to use cash value appreciation at convenience stores, stations and other physical channels. Transportation and retail payments will not be affected. source:Octopus — unwire.hk Mewe pages : https://mewe.com/p/unwirehk