Like the high score! The main station repaired not only the images but also the “radio wave” memories of several generations of Chinese people!Fly into the homes of ordinary people The theater lights were dimmed and the screen lit up. The protagonist Li Xia’s generous face to death became even more heroic because of the color. The phrase “Farewell, I miss you” made many viewers tears into their eyes! On the 6th, my country’s first black-and-white-to-color 4K restoration feature film “The Never Gone Radio”, which was jointly completed by the CCTV 5G new media platform of China Central Radio and Television Station and the China Film Archive, landed on the national theaters, and fans gave high praise. Like it! The highest light moment of Chinese film restoration technology “The Electric Wave That Never Elapses” was produced by Bayi Film Studio in 1958. It is the first classic film about the heroes of the party’s hidden front in New China. The film integrates thrilling revolutionary struggles into ordinary family life, and strives to portray Li Xia as an optimistic, determined, fearless, and dedicated Communist Party member, which has deeply influenced generations of Chinese. This time, the main station combined my country’s human-computer interactive AI coloring technology with independent intellectual property rights and traditional restoration techniques to restore the original 165,000 black and white images frame by frame in more than 7 months. Many professional film critics spoke highly of the film. The film and television blogger of Communication University of China “Preview is quick to fight Taiwan’s beacon” commented on the color restoration version of “The Wave That Never Elapses”: “From 1958 to 2021, the distance of 63 years and the frame-by-frame restoration of the entire film with more than 160,000 frames are the journey of the’rebirth’ of the classic film “The Electric Wave That Never Elapses”.This is the rebirth of our red classic film and the highest light moment of Chinese film restoration technology.” The film critic Li He said before the end of the National Day holiday, why is this movie worth watching again? “In, comment on the film?? The strong vitality of the original film, and the color brings new information, leading the audience to listen to the “eternal wave”. The release of the restored version is a reappearance and a transcendence.The restored film has the aesthetic value of the times, can truly resonate with young people today, and also truly answers the proposition of “how to pay tribute to and inherit the classics”. The radio wave spirit that never fades is a precious treasure. As a classic movie, “The Radio Wave That Never Flies” pays more attention to the promotion of spiritual character while presenting historical events. On social platforms such as Douban and Maoyan, and social platforms such as Weibo, many professional fans and netizens have given the film a high score of four stars or above, and praised the magic of the “color repair version”. “Don’t let the masterpieces full of the painstaking efforts of a generation of artists be stained with the dust of time”, 165,000 frames of image restoration, each frame is a tribute to the classics and a tribute to the heroes. What is repaired is the common memory of several generations of Chinese When the lights are dimmed and the screen lights up, the hero Li Xia’s generous face to death becomes more heroic because of the color. The phrase “Farewell, I miss you” also brings the audience into a more realistic experience through 5.1 surround sound Sound field. The restored film has the aesthetic value of the times. The older generation walked into the cinema to relive their youth films, and the young people truly resonated with the “spirit of radio waves.” Audiences who have watched the film said,This restoration is not just a movie, but also a common memory of several generations of Chinese. ?On October 5th, “The Radio Waves That Never Die” will be screened for a hundred years (Nanning Station), and the audience will sing “My Motherland and Me” together before the screening. On October 5, at the 100-year-old screening of “The Radio Waves That Never Die” (Nanning Station), Aunt Huang, who watched the movie, was moved to tears. She said: “I have seen the original black and white movie many times before, and this is the first time I saw the color version.Even though the content of the movie is the same as the original, it has a different freshnessWhen I saw Sun Daolin and other old artists on the big screen of the cinema again, I felt that I was back to the original era. ” ?October 5, “The Electric Wave That Never Dies” Hundred Years Spot Screening (Nanning Station) event scene. On October 6, “The Electric Wave That Never Dies” officially landed on the theaters of Jinan, Shandong. In the audience, there are young people who have never watched the original movie, and there are also grandparents who relive classics. Regardless of their age, they are moved with tears in their eyes when watching the film. The young man who watched the film said in an interview that ?? I think the old version of the movie is not outdated. It reflects the spirit of an era and the connotation of an era. I think we young people should understand the life of people at that time, their spirit and their background. After watching the movie, many netizens recalled how they felt when they watched the original black and white movie when they were young. Looking back at the classics at this time, I am still deeply moved by it. The young fan who watched “The Radio Wave That Never Dies” for the first time said: “The picture quality is very good, and I finally understand why Sun Daolin is the idol of that generation.“At this time, the “color restoration” “The Radio Wave That Never Dies” has perfectly answered the proposition of the era of “how to pay tribute to and inherit the classics”. Relive the classic tribute to the hero! The film takes the audience back all the way and relives the shining moments of secret reporting during the most difficult period of the War of Resistance Against Japan. Li Xia reacted carefully in the dangerous environment surrounded by powerful enemies, and used radio waves to build an aerial bridge. The audience’s sense of substitution was further filled by the “color repair version”. After watching the movie, the younger generations paid tribute to the martyrs and heroes one after another! In the darkest time before dawn, the sound of the electric wave is always so rapid. Every telegram may be the last time. It is the red electric wave that shows the drumbeat of the times and the powerful beating of the pulse of revolution. It tells the story of an unknown hero. , A poem that continues the beliefs in people’s hearts. ——D**3 Although I have seen the original black and white version a few times, the 4K color remake still amazes me. Sun Daolin is too magnificent! Countless revolutionary martyrs went forward and succeeded, giving up their lives and forgetting to die, only in exchange for our beautiful and happy life today, which we must cherish. These heroes, the people will never forget, their spirit will be immortal! -Wheat** pig The spirit of the radio wave never fades Walk into the theater together Relive the classics! .