Beijing News (Reporter Zhou Xiao) On the evening of October 9th, Beijing time, the Chinese National Men’s Football Team successfully arrived at the Jeddah Resident Hotel in Saudi Arabia. After the team passes the nucleic acid test, preparations for the Saudi team will begin.

After the third round of the top 12 match between Sharjah, UAE and Vietnam, the national football team’s starters and substitutes resumed training the next day, while other players were trained under the leadership of the coaching staff. On the evening of October 9th, Beijing time, the team left Sharjah for the airport and headed to Saudi Arabia.

According to the official introduction of the national team, after the team arrived, the team went directly to the resident hotel, and immediately carried out a nucleic acid test at the hotel, and was isolated as required to wait for the test results. After the test results are released, the “Tiejia Army” will begin to prepare for training. Since the game will start in the early morning of the 13th, Beijing time, there is not enough time for preparations.

The away game against the Saudi team will be the most severe test since the start of the China Men’s Top 12 – the Saudi team is in excellent condition and has won three consecutive victories in the top 12 group stage, and the home stadium allows spectators to enter the game. The fans have a warm atmosphere. The national football team will experience a game atmosphere that has not been experienced in the first three rounds of the group stage.

National team coach Li Tie admitted that the game against the Saudi team will be extremely difficult, but after a thrilling defeat of the Vietnam team, the team’s self-confidence has also improved. On October 13th, local time, the national football team will set off to return to the country, and the team will also strive to prepare for this special long-term overseas competition and put together a relatively ideal ending.

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