The problem of insufficient global chip supply has affected many industries, and recently there has been news that Sony and TSMC are considering cooperating to set up a new semiconductor factory in Kumamoto Prefecture. According to reports, the main control of this new factory will be controlled by TSMC, but the actual operation will be in charge of Sony, and the new factory will be next to Sony’s photosensitive element factory. The new plant plan is estimated to cost 7 billion U.S. dollars, half of which will be borne by the Japanese government. The new plant will produce chips for cameras, automobiles and other products, and solve the current shortage of supply that is currently a headache for Japanese manufacturers. It is expected that if the plan is successful, it will be put into operation in 2024, but neither Sony nor TSMC has responded to reports. The problem of insufficient supply of chips has a very serious impact on both the automobile industry and the electronics manufacturing industry. As far as the electronics and automobile industries are concerned, Japan naturally hopes that it can be resolved as soon as possible. Source: Nikkei Mewe page: