Getting your products from China directly shipped to Amazon warehouses in the USA has never been so easy. With freight forwarding service providers like BeFBA , you can take your business to new heights. From requesting a quote to getting to track your packaging as it ships has been made easy with freight forwarding. The freight forwarding services can handle anything from small bundles to packaging them like Amazon products and offering free consolidation. How does Amazon shipping from China work? The FBA process takes care of the shipment from beginning to end. It involves the following steps: – Picking up the Inventory: Typically, freight forwarders offer pickup services in locations anywhere in mainland China. – Inspecting the Inventory: The inventory, as a rule, is always inspected by freight forwarders so that they can ensure that quality is maintained in the shipment. If any faulty packages are found, they are then replaced, and repackaging is done at the warehouse. – Shipping it to the Amazon Warehouse: The shipping process is the final step and an essential one. The role of the freight will be decided based on the type of your shipment and the urgency of your request. The tracking of the shipment can also be done while the package is en route. There are two ways in which the products of a business can be transported from China to an Amazon Warehouse. These are as follows: Shipping Directly from China to Amazon Warehouse This method is highly preferred because of less hassle and quiver delivery times. You will also save the cost of hiring a middleman. Since no mediator is involved, the shipment will reach the warehouse quicker without much interruption as professionals will be handling the shipment. Some of the difficulties that you might encounter in this type of freight forwarding are: – Shipping to multiple warehouse locations rather than one. – Payment has to be prepaid before arrival at the amazon warehouse. – The shipping and packing standards of the freight forwarder and Amazon might mismatch, which can affect your business. Shipping Through a Middleman and then to an FBA Warehouse You can choose a middleman or take care of inspecting the shipment on your own before sending it to the Amazon warehouse. This will keep your sales strategies hidden from the various Chinese suppliers and will also allow you to closely inspect the quality of the shipment so that everything meets the packaging requirements of Amazon. The only difficulty with this route is paying for an intermediary that can put a damper on your budget. This can also lead to exceeding shipping time. If you are not using a middleman but doing it yourself, this will take up a lot of time and effort on your part in comparison to hiring a freight forwarder to do it for you. How Long Will it Take? What is the shipping speed available when you are looking to ship from China to an Amazon warehouse? Questions like these should be asked to your freight forwarder or middleman before making a deal. The following shipping speeds are expected: – Registered: This type of shipping procedure will keep you updated every step of the way with the progress of your shipment as it reaches the Amazon warehouse. Most countries provide the facility of tracking. – Unregistered: This is an option that trades the tracking information of your package to save you some money. An estimated date will be provided to you without any means to track the package for the reduced cost of shipping. – Priority: This way to ship your cargo will take reduced time depending on the type of package and the distance to be covered. As the name suggests, the shipment will be transported on priority and will take anywhere between 1-3 days to reach its destination. It can also take a week to reach the destination if the shipment is to reach another country. – Express: this is a way in which you can ship your package in record time. Needless to say, this will cost you the most out of all shipping methods. Express shipping also guarantees that your package will reach its destination as soon as within two business days. What about Tracking the Packages? When you expand your business to include amazon shipping from china, you will have to keep track of where your inventory is going. With online shopping, the standards of shipping and fast delivery have increased. But international shipping works differently. Having your packages shipped from China to the US will take time, depending on the type of delivery option you have chosen. Typically, having tracking information of your package makes the freight forwarder more reliable. While you are saving the cost of shipping by opting not to have tracking information for your package, it can cause you to worry about your packages. If you are beginning to expand to Amazon, having tracking information The Takeaway Finding the right FBA Freight Forwarder from China is a task that needs to be done perfectly. You will need to know the exact time the shipment will reach its destination, and having reliable freight forwarders or middlemen will make it easier for you. Opt for tracking information, especially if you are sending over a large shipment.