“Meixian’s sour and sweet kiwi is ripe. Only with moderate rainfall, abundant sun and a moderate temperature difference can Meixian have a refreshing sweet and sour taste. Xu Xiang is a green kiwi with sensitive and juicy flesh. “In China Kiwi e-commerce The live broadcast is based on the time of the construction of Kechuang in the Kiwi Industrial Park of Meixian, the live broadcasts conscientiously provide the development environment, variety comparison, taste and texture of kiwi in the live broadcast room. This live streaming base is the “first national kiwi e-commerce live streaming base” jointly created through the Meixian Supply and Marketing Cooperative Association and Meixian e-commerce office. It has a general domain of 3,000 square meters, has nine high-level live ads. Live broadcast rooms and features professional live streaming equipment. Since it was officially launched in October this year, it has attracted attention and admiration. Ma Yonghong, from the Meixian E-Commerce Association, said: “The live broadcast base leverages the incredible resources of the Meixian Kiwi Fruit Industrial Park to provide loose live streaming resources to e-commerce businesses, cooperatives and e-commerce experts in the county. , 8 primary agricultural enterprises, adding Qifeng Fruit Industry, Jinqiao Fruit Industry, and Qinwang Fruit Friends, have moved to the live broadcast halls. In the next step, we will also organize live trainings, online sales, logo promotion and other activities. “ Source: Baoji Daily We ask that you complete all fields marked with a *. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay up to date with all the news!