Tesla China Sold 56,000 Made-In-China EVs In September — 27% Month-On-Month Increase


Published 9 seconds ago

It was just a couple of months ago that we were debunking the FUD that centered around Tesla’s sales in China. The end proved to not be near, as some had suggested, and the latest numbers from China proved our predictions true. “JayInShanghai” just shared the latest numbers from Tesla China. This time, Tesla China sold more made-in-China Tesla vehicles domestically than it exported. So much for those “cratered” sales, huh? Vehicles sold domestically in September 2021.Tesla Model Y: Sold 33,033 units.Tesla Model 3: Sold 19,120 units.Total units sold domestically: 52,153 $TSLA pic.twitter.com/e8iCXXZ8ge

— Jay in Shanghai ?? (@JayinShanghai) October 12, 2021

Jay further broke down the numbers. In September, Tesla China sold 33,033 Model Ys and 19,120 Model 3s. Tesla China sold 52,153 within its home borders and exported 3,853 cars.

In the article where I debunked the concern trolling around Tesla China’s EV sales, I also said, “Let’s see how these outlets cover Tesla sales in China in September.” It’s now October. So far, only Reuters and Investors Business Daily are reporting on the new numbers. To be fair, it’s still early, so let’s give CNN a chance to talk about those “cratered” sales. We’ll wait to see if they find the high September numbers as interesting as the August numbers.

As I’ve also said in that article, don’t let those headlines fool you into thinking that there’s no demand for Tesla in China or that Tesla is actually having a steep decline in sales. It’s had essentially the same quarterly delivery wave for years, and that’s not changing anytime soon — cars are shipped to further away delivery centers (other countries) in the 1st part of the quarter and shipped closer at the end of the quarter.