Recently, the American business magazine Forbes released the 2021 Global Best Employers list. Huawei is the first to be the best employer on the Forbes list by offering more competitive compensation packages in China. This Chinese technology provider is facing many challenges under the US Sanction, while the pandemic has worsened its difficulties. Still, the company isn’t ready to give on its business including HiSilicon , and disappoint its employees who completely rely on it. Moving in this line, the company is hiring new employees to boosts its working efficiency. Not a long ago, the previous BBC executive Gavin Allen joined the Huawei team followed by the French Mathematician Laurent Lafforgue joins. In addition, this Senzeng based enterprise also providing the same chance for the academic students by its timely activities such as seeds of the future. Furthermore, these activities also can be easily seen in the native markets, where its providing high wages to preventing domestic talent to seek opportunities in the overseas market. Chinese Firms of Forbes List: Coming to the Forbes list, it includes 236 U.S.-based businesses followed by Germany with 91 and China with 57. Particularly talking about China, Huawei tops the Forbes list, which is further continued by Tencent,, China Life Insurance, and China Heilan Group in the top five. Besides, BBK Electronics, Alibaba Group, Ping An Insurance Group, China Taiping Insurance, and SANY Group come under the top ten best employers in the China market. However, from China, Huawei is the only firm to make a place in the top 10 on the Forbes list in the global market. The list starts with Samsung Electronics in first, IBM in second, Microsoft in third, Amazon in fourth, Apple in fifth, Alphabet in the sixth, Dell in seventh, Huawei in the eighth, Adobe in ninth, and BMW rank in the top ten. Forbes Best Employer Evaluation: About 150,000 full and part-time workers of multinational companies and institutions from 58 countries took part in this survey. There are a total of 750 worldwide companies that have been evaluated on the basis of image, economic footprint, talent development, gender equality, and social responsibility.