Under pressure in Washington, culminating on Tuesday (12) with a spotlight on the Axios website for “LinkedIn’s Unanswered Questions about Censorship in China,” the Microsoft platform announced its departure from the country on Thursday.

The Wall Street Journal took to the subhead, noting that Facebook and Google left a decade ago. “Users in China can still access these services using VPNs, but many don’t,” he lamented.

On the other hand, featured in the Japanese Nikkei (with the illustration above) and the Financial Times, “Apple selects Chinese giant for crucial role in iPhone”. BOE should provide the “display”, which is responsible for the image on the new smartphones.

“This exemplifies how far China has advanced in technology capability, as the former Pentagon software director warned,” commented the FT. In an interview with the newspaper, he said that “the US has already lost the fight for artificial intelligence to China.”


Vox/Recode’s technology analyst Peter Kafka then assessed that Tim Cook’s brand, his greatest achievement in celebrating a decade as CEO, would be “Apple’s deep partnership with China: they are glued together , for good and for evil”.

And the South China Morning Post then reported that “Tim Cook promises donations for flood-stricken Shanxi province.” According to the newspaper, “Big Techs in China have responded to Beijing’s call to contribute more to society, in search of Common Prosperity.”


With a map showing the possible site of the accident with an American nuclear submarine in the South China Sea, the CCTV network covered the episode at length, as reproduced by Guancha.

He cited that a marine fish farm in the Hainan Island region could have been hit, leading to the loss of 50,000 yellow croakers, and stressed the risk of leaking “weapons-enriched uranium used as fuel” into submarines.

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