Squid Game has quickly become the biggest Korean show in the history of Netflix , spurring countless memes, viral trends and soon, Halloween outfits. But even after its dramatic finale – and as we cross our fingers hoping for a second season – the hit Korean series still has some questions that we’re dying to know the answers to. Spoilers ahead! Is Squid Game breakout star Anupam Tripathi eying K-pop fame, or Bollywood? Why were 456 players picked? It’s not clear if 456 was always how many players were in the games, or if this number has any significance. Maybe a round number of 500 people were approached but many didn’t call the number on the business card. The exact ratio of players approached to those who actually chose to be part of the games is never said. Meet Jung Ho-yeon, the breakout star of Netflix’s Squid Game How many recruiters are there? At the end of the series, Gi-hun sees the man who recruited him at the train stop with a new potential player. It seems the recruiter does this regularly, but it’s unclear how many others are also doing this job. Since the players in the game came from different areas, it would make sense for there to be a large number of recruiters, but we only ever see one. Who are the staff members and why are they working here? When Jun-ho disguises himself as a pink-jacket, viewers can see that the staff members are under strict control themselves and at risk of dying if they do not follow the rules. It’s unclear if the staff members are there voluntary or against their will. And we’re never shown how they’re recruited, either. Why would a husband and wife both choose to compete? Players 69 and 70 are revealed to be husband and wife. After his wife dies in the marble game, player 69 dies by suicide. Although their story adds another tragic layer to the show, it’s not clear why they both agreed to return to the games. After the first round over 200 players were killed, so they knew returning to the games meant risking their lives. Even if one of them survived long enough to win the games, they must’ve known they would have to watch their partner die first. 5 things you need to know about Squid Game’s Lee Jung-jae Who was the Front Man talking to on the phone? Before the VIPs arrive, the Front Man takes a phone call in his office in English. He tells the unknown caller that the host is currently waiting for the VIPs to arrive. It’s unclear who the Front Man is speaking to since the only person shown to be higher up in staff ranking than him should be host and game organiser Il-nam, who is in the game’s bunker room during that conversation. Who are the VIPs in the animal masks? The VIPs who arrive to watch the game wear animal masks the entire time they’re on the island, with the exception of the one who is interrogated by Jun-ho. It’s unclear how they know about the games at all. The Front Man later tells Gi-hun that the rich view betting on people in the games like betting on horses, but it’s never explained how Il-nam knew which rich people to invite to bet on the games or what their jobs and identities are in the regular world. What to watch on Netflix in October – from a new K-drama to Diana: The Musical How and why did In-ho become the Front Man? In-ho took part in and won a previous game before becoming the Front Man. It’s never revealed how he went from a game-winner to the person in charge of the uniformed staff members. He may have taken over from a previous Front Man, or he may be the first person to fill the position, but either situation does not explain why In-ho would choose to be a part of the games again. Why did Sae-byeok’s injury not count as an unfair disadvantage? The key rule throughout every game is that all contestants are given an equal chance to win the games without any player having an advantage. But Sae-byeok’s injury seemingly violates this rule. She isn’t hurt during the game itself, which may have counted as a fair injury that she would have to deal with. Instead, Sae-byeok is impaled with glass when the bridge, a piece of the game, explodes after the fifth round. Since this happened after a game and was not something she caused or could have prevented, it seems that she could have been given treatment and the chance to heal before the final round to create a fair game. Where are the previous winners? It’s never explained where most of the winners went after the games. Based on In-ho being the Front Man, it’s possible that other winners also became staff members, though it’s not clear why they would want to do this when they’ve won enough money to never work again. The winners could also be the VIPs, but it seems unlikely given the cruel joy they take in watching the games. Why is Blackpink’s Lisa still being ‘mistreated’ by YG Entertainment? How did Il-nam originally set up the first game? The files that In-ho finds show that the game has been running since at least as early as 1988. Although Il-nam reveals that he is the one who created the games, he does not explain how he managed to set this up or what the earlier ones looked like. It’s possible that earlier iterations were not held at the same scale they are now – with hundreds of people and a massive amount of staff – but even smaller games would have required trustworthy workers to recruit players and keep them from leaving. Who is currently running the games? The games did not end with Il-nam’s death, as Gi-hun sees a new player being recruited after Il-nam has already died. With Il-nam dead, there’s no clear answer for who is currently running the games. Read the original article on Insider .