Microsoft announces a plan to shut down LinkedIn in China. LinkedIn is identified as a professional networking and career progression platform that connects job applicants who post their resumes with employers who post assignment posts. LinkedIn was acquired in 2016 through Microsoft for an estimated price of around $26. 2 billion. LinkedIn’s plans to shut down in China have had no explanation other than the “challenges” of complying with Beijing’s censorship rules. LinkedIn says, “We also face a much more challenging operating environment and stricter compliance needs in China. “ The career-oriented social media platform has been seriously criticized for its role in censoring posts and profiles of Western hounds that were an abuse of Communist Party rules. that their accounts were being censored internally in the country “due to the presence of prohibited content. “LinkedIn’s internal operation of China’s tightly regulated website has been seriously criticized. Several social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have long been banned in the country. Meanwhile, LinkedIn promises to roll out a new page online that may not have the ability for users to share percentage posts. LinkedIn said: “While we have been fortunate to help Chinese members find jobs and economic opportunities, not the same point of good fortune in the more social facets of exchange and information. ” Microsoft announces that the new site will be created for the Chinese market and will be called InJobs. Microsoft says InJobs will focus on jobs only and “will not include social feeds or the post or article percentage ability” and will not offer any option to offend Chinese authorities. The company has suffered a wide variety of application movements in the content and privacy spaces of the client. According to Reuters, in March, LinkedIn allegedly suspended new listings in China, saying it was working to comply with Chinese laws. Less than 2 months later, the netrunning app was among the 105 apps accused by China’s most sensible web regulator of illegally collecting and not –public data and was ordered to make corrections. The Chinese government warned that social platforms operating in China deserve to actively publicize fundamental socialist values. Data from the company Statista showed that the Republic of China is LinkedIn’s third largest market. In July, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed that LinkedIn brings in about $10 billion in annual revenue. TechBooky is a social tech blog with a special on the nascent African tech sector. TechBooky was recently founded in Abuja, Nigeria. © 2021 Design through Tech Booky Elite © 2021 Design through Tech Booky Elite