Dating back some 900 years to the time of Imperial China's Song dynasty, 'Ru official ware' was noted for its lack of decoration and typically pale, 'duck-egg' blue glaze. .. Full story on BUCKINGHAM PALACE has released new Christmas themed gifts for the festive season including a grand hamper and traditional stocking. The strategy aimed at stopping people becoming terrorists is facing calls for it to be overhauled. "A man in a trench coat who’d come over to my house at 11 at night." View Entire Post › JURASSIC Park could become reality after experts unearthed a fossil that may contain dinosaur DNA. Scientists believe it may have the first prehistoric… Dating back some 900 years to the time of Imperial China's Song dynasty, 'Ru official ware' was noted for its… This one-off event already seems like the big deal it is. Wanderers conceded in bizarre circumstances amid monsoon weather at Home Park Searching for a forbidding place to shoot the scene this summer, location scouts found a disused limestone quarry in the Derbyshire… A 28-year-old man killed his wife using a cobra, in what prosecutors say is the first crime of its kind. HERE is the timeline of Maya Millete’s missing case as her husband Larry has been arrested following a… Actress Kate Beckinsale has revealed her painful leg injury hurt more than having a baby after she hurt herself putting on a pair of leggings in her hotel… Delivery driver Alex Craig, 34, helped the 11-year-old boy and checked his wounds after the blast in Ayr before the youngster was then rushed to… Irish Osteoporosis Society data show almost 70% of hip fractures happening in women 'He just had an off night.' Hype and the thrill of gambling are pushing inexperienced people into danger, says City watchdog Social media hype and the gambling-like thrill of… The spirits industry fears increases for whisky, gin and other spirits will hamper their recovery after Covid and Brexit and Chancellor… It is thought to have been made between 1086 and 1125. Researchers found that the medication can increase levels of a protein that helps cells to adapt and survive after being starved of oxygen. The TUC complained that the ads for The Workers Union implied that the company was an official trade union, when it was in fact a company. Experts believe that as much as 7% of the world’s gold may be contained within the circuit boards of e-waste. Afghan refugees fleeing the horrors of the Taliban risk being exploited for their labour as they are resettled in the UK, it has been warned. Scotland is being shown up on a global stage by the “devastating” decision to favour clean energy schemes in England ahead of Aberdeenshire,… Wave energy firm Mocean Energy has opened a new Aberdeen office to meet growing interest from oil and gas producers keen to… Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire communities are among those who have turned their back on cash the most in Scotland over the last two years.