When the success for something or someone, it is unfortunately human custom that many others try to take advantage of that space of notoriety in all ways, even reaching to copy shamelessly the contents of others, a little like it happened with Squid Game and its clone Chinese.

What we are talking about today is the announcement of a show originally named as Squid Victory who was trying somewhat clumsily to copy the original K-drama with a practically name almost the same and a set of symbols in the poster that we could define as definitely unequivocal.

The situation immediately got out of hand to the producers of the oriental video app called Youku, with chains of criticism right in the motherland on the “Chinese social network” Weibo with tons of attacks to production for the very little imagination used. After the shower of digital fire, the show’s producers then changed the name to Game Victory, which according to the fans is not that it has improved the shot much.

The story was then even more magnified, as if it were possible, when the official apology of the company that has tried to justify what appears to be a real copy, masking it with banal problems of a technical nature and with the use of formats for the poster that were still sketchy.

We made a mistake. We mistakenly used the initial design which had already been deleted earlier. We are sincerely sorry for the misunderstanding caused.

In the future, we will improve our working procedure and put more effort into presenting good productions.

These were the answers to answer the accusations of having made a clone, which you can see from the image above, with the direct comparison between the symbols in the masks of the Squid Game guards on the left and those of the poster on the right. You can then draw your own conclusions and determine for yourself what kind of mistake it is.

That said, did you know of the strange theory regarding the destiny already marked of the protagonist of the original series, which would be consequent to a choice made during the first dramatic episode? Here all the rest of the story.

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