Members of the US Senate from the Republican Party have accused the manufacturer of hard drives and storage systems Seagate Technology Holdings of violating export restrictions. According to authorities, the company has continued to supply hard drives to China’s Huawei after imposing against the latest trade sanctions in September 2020. In response, Seagate announced that its activities fully comply with the requirements of the US Department of Commerce.

Seagate reportedly shipped nearly $ 800 million of hard drives to the Chinese company Huawei after stricter export restrictions came into effect last September. The Republican report said Seagate did not apply for a Commerce Department license to supply and continued to do business with the Chinese company after rivals in the storage solution dropped it.

“By exporting prohibited products to Huawei, Seagate appears to have benefited from an unequal playing field. [?? ????????? ? ???????????] to the detriment of national security and at the expense of their competitors, who complied with regulations designed to combat threats posed by companies with ties to the Chinese government. “– said in a statement from the Republicans. They called for an end to unlicensed shipments of goods for Huawei, as well as punish the Chinese company by introducing additional restrictions.

A Seagate spokesman responded to the allegations that the company “Complies with all laws applicable to its business and operations, including export control regulations.”… A spokeswoman for the Department of Commerce said department officials are required to verify any claims of export control violations. She also added that the results of the check will be announced in the Senate. Huawei representatives declined to comment on the matter.

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