[Epoch Times October 26, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Xu Cuiling reported from Taipei, Taiwan) The South Korean film “Squid Game” became a global hit, and the high ratings have allowed Netflix to deploy its trademarks in many countries. According to the Intellectual Property Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Netflix filed applications for the “SQUID GAME” trademark in the United States, Jamaica and other countries on September 28, including related goods and services, and applied for “Squid Game” and “Squid Game” in Taiwan on October 15 and 19, respectively. “SQUID GAME” trademarks are pending.

“Squid Game” (Squid Game) creates topics and creates huge business opportunities. Netflix applied for the SQUID GAME trademark, including related products and services such as TV series entertainment software, audio-visual recording products, stationery publications, clothing, doll toys, digital entertainment information and so on.

The Bureau of Intellectual Property said that Netflix will more actively use and protect the commercial benefits brought by “Squid Game”. According to the observation of past trademark applications, after the popularity of movies, albums or video games is widely known, there is likely to be a wave of trademark applications in the market, with the smash hits “Harry Potter” and “Harry Potter”.

“Potter” as an example, the number of cases where others have applied for trademarks has been rejected as high as 30 cases.

And “Game of Squid”, the circle, triangle, and square masked man in red throughout the show is also one of the selling points of the album. The Intellectual Property Bureau pointed out that ??? geometric figures are usually more difficult to attract consumers’ attention and it is not easy to obtain registration. It usually takes some ingenuity to design the pattern, or after the applicant’s extensive use, in the transaction process, it can indicate and distinguish different sources of goods or services before it can be registered as a trademark.

The Intellectual Property Bureau reminds that if one wants to apply for registration with the same or similar trademark after another person’s trademark is famous, care should be taken to avoid the problem of trademark disputes caused by clinging or plagiarism.

The Intellectual Property Bureau emphasizes that the purpose of applying for trademark registration is to enable consumers to distinguish the source of goods or services, grasp business opportunities and consolidate the market. The Intellectual Property Bureau does not encourage to follow the trend and keep up the enthusiasm. After all, the birth of every brand is created by the creator. The brainchild is worthy of respect and encouragement.

Editor in charge: Lu Meiqi