According to the latest report issued by the Anti-Spam Center of the Internet Society of China, each Internet user in China received an average of 330 spam emails in 2007 and these spam emails caused at least CNY18.72 billion in losses to China's national economy.

The report "The Fourth China Anti-spam Survey 2007" said that by December 2007, Chinese Internet users received a total of 69.4 billion spam emails, which was an increase of 38.8% compared with that of 2006. Based on China's Internet user population of 210 million, this means that each Chinese Internet user received an average 330 spams in the year.

The report shows that among all the spam messages, online shopping, online making money and sexual goods ranked as the top three by accounting for 17.57%, 12.55%, 9.21%, respectively, in the total number of spam emails.
And they were followed by IT product promotions, travel services and IP address sales.

The report said that three kinds of spams most hated by Internet users were viruses and erotic messages, which accounted for 11.21% and 10.69%, respectively.


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