China Telecom (CHA) has convened 23 mainstream CDMA terminal suppliers, including Huawei, ZTE, Samsung, Nokia and Yulong Coolpad for an internal meeting to make preparations for a strategic adjustment in its business.

According to a representative from China Telecom, China Telecom hopes to further unite with the CDMA terminal suppliers by doing so and it is confident that it can do better than China Unicom on CDMA.

Besides introducing to the CDMA terminal suppliers the progress of its acquisition of China Unicom's CDMA network, China Telecom reportedly raised five requirements for them, which include, pushing forward a well-coordinated and fast speed development of CDMA terminal by virtue of China Telecom's powerful channels; ensuring timely supply of terminal products during the acquisition period and the transitional period; coordinating with the transfer of the CDMA network and getting prepared for related work such as changing logos and upgrading software; enlarging the R&D of CDMA terminals and increasing the categories of CDMA products; establishing a communication and coordination mechanism, cooperating well with each other and jointly expanding the CDMA terminal industry.

China Telecom is said to have set up a terminal operation company similar to China Unicom's Liantong Huasheng to serve as CDMA mobile phone customizing and outsourcing platform.


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