Siebel Systems, Inc., a provider of multichannel eBusiness applications software, announced that China Netcom Corporation has selected Siebel Communications to manage 31 contact centers and 150 retail offices across China.

CNC is a facilities-based broadband telecommunications operator providing services and solutions to meet the broadband telecommunications needs of businesses and individuals in China. Designed to enhance operational efficiency and drive competitive advantage, Siebel Communications will guide CNC's service professionals throughout the entire customer contact life cycle with critical product information and customer profiles, enabling professionals to provide more personalized service and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Call centers in China traditionally have a single center in a large city such as Beijing or operate independent local centers with no integration to other locations. By implementing a unified, multichannel view of all aspects of each customer, including master customer data, products owned, services retained, and billing information, CNC will be able to improve call center efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction.


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