Conexant Systems, Inc., a worldwide leader in semiconductor system solutions for digital information and home entertainment networks, and Huawei Technologies Co., a global developer and provider of telecommunications infrastructure, today announced a remote management software solution for digital subscriber line (xDSL) networks.

The new software allows service providers to administer DSL networks from a central location, which significantly reduces customer service and support costs. Two service providers, China Telecom and China Netcom, are currently conducting field trials of the remote management software. The trials are expected to conclude in November.

Conexant and Huawei's jointly developed software will enable service providers to transparently and cost-effectively manage, configure, change, or add new xDSL services to their network from a central network management facility, without any performance degradation, service disruption, or new hardware. This simplifies the configuration process considerably, eliminates the need for an on-site technician, and saves the service provider both time and money while improving customer satisfaction.

"Managing end-to-end networks capable of delivering high-speed Internet and on-demand services and data from multiple service providers is an extremely complex and expensive process," said Chee Kwan, vice president of Broadband Access Products for Conexant. "Service providers are looking for a cost-effective, simple way to configure, activate, control, and account for these services in a way that fully satisfies the customer. We are pleased to work with Huawei on this exciting project, and are confident that the field trials of this technology will drive home the clear economic and service benefits our jointly developed, easy-to-use remote management solution provides."

"Service providers recognize that customer service and technical support are critical issues to ensuring the growth of broadband services, yet balancing this need with financial considerations is an ongoing challenge," said Guo Haiwei, vice president of marketing for Huawei. "These field trials are a strong indicator that service providers recognize the need for a remote management tool that will allow them to further improve the quality of their service offering, and facilitate the widespread deployment of xDSL in China and other countries in Asia. We are excited to work with China Telecom, China Netcom, and Conexant to establish a new milestone in DSL network management capabilities."

"With the rapid growth of xDSL broadband access services in China, operating and maintaining an effective network and providing efficient technical support for a large number of xDSL users are two of the biggest challenges for service providers," said Yiqun Wu, senior analyst for IDC China. "From a technical point of view, remote management is an innovative solution which will serve three key functions: remote diagnosis, configuration, and software upgrading. Service providers will benefit from cost-savings and customer satisfaction, and it should accelerate the development of xDSL."


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