Avery Dennison (AVY) has launched its RFID business in Asia Pacific and introduced its technology transfer initiative which is aimed at providing better capabilities and support for the region's RFID label converters.

Avery Dennison RFID Asia Pacific believes that the increasing value proposition of RFID technology is driving evolution in the global label materials market. Jonson Yue, Director of Business Development said, "The RFID market in China is destined to exceed 5.0 billion Yuan by 2009 as it is more widely used in supply chain, asset tracking, retail, and inventory management. This RFID business unit and technology transfer program will address the needs for new technology materials, more effective converting and efficient manufacturing processes t as the market grows at over 30% per year."

The technology transfer initiative is part of Avery Dennison's long term strategy in China. The company has been operating in China since 1995. In 2000 the company opened the Avery Dennison Self Adhesive Label Converting College in Kunshan, China, offering both introductory and advanced level training programs to label printing professionals throughout the Asia Pacific region, followed by the opening of the Avery Dennison Asia Technical Center in 2005 which employs 50 research professionals.

Avery Dennison has invested approximately US$175 million in China since it started operations in the country in 1995, and expects its total investment in China to total more than US$275 million by 2010.

Yue says, "The technology transfer program demonstrates Avery Dennison's commitment to be the right development partner with the right tools in Asia. Our innovative processes will enable the converting industry to produce higher quality products with greater efficiency and to provide stronger value propositions to their customers,� . “The initiative will free our local partners in China to focus on their core business and core competence. They can be secure in the knowledge that Avery is committed to support them with the latest ! RFID application inlay designs and advanced high-speed, high-quality manufacturing process development."

The technology transfer program will start with licenses for High-Speed Strap Attach, with new technologies and support capabilities made available in the future.


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