PacificNet Inc. CEO Tony Tong today presented the company's investment and acquisition strategy at the Overseas Listing Introduction Section of the fifth annual China Hi-Tech Fair hosted by China's Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information Industry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Shenzhen Municipal Government.

Mr. Tong announced PacificNet's plan to accelerate its expansion in China's customer relationship management (CRM) and mobile value-added service (VAS) market through acquiring and managing growing companies with established products and customers.

Tony Tong, CEO of PacificNet stated: "As China continues to be the world's fastest growing economy at 8% annual growth, the largest consumer population, the largest mobile phone population with over 235 million and the second largest Internet population with over 68 million users online, we expect a growing demand for PacificNet's value-added customer services, CRM, telemarketing, data-mining, internet e-commerce, and mobile communications services.

PacificNet plans to maintain our first-mover competitive advantage in China's customer services market through strategic investment, acquisition and joint venture opportunities to increase our customer bases, revenue and profit fundamentals, earnings per share, and improve our overall shareholder value."


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