Following the launch of enterprise beta communication tool TRC2005, Tencent is now preparing to release in a commercial version Tencent Messenger by integrating Chinese email software Foxmail.

The new Tencent Messenger (TM) will enable users to log in with various email accounts. It will also provide a new email processing tool called Minifox for users to deal with emails from those different accounts.

Tencent acquired Foxmail in March last year, in was said to be the largest transaction that Tencent had carried on in recent years.


  1. Hi!
    Can anyone help me for foxmail problem pls?

    When I send mail to a list, it displays all the receipant's name/address when the mail is sent. So, every one knows whom are the other receipants, I am sending that particular mail….This creates a big problem for me.

    Earlier Versions did not have this problem.

    I either have a solution so that no one knows who are the other members in the List Or have to have a system to go back to the previous version.
    My email: [email protected]/ Kindly help me.

    I like the Foxmail by the way & have been using since last 5-7 yeras.

    Best Rgds/Bikash


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