City Network, Inc. recently announced the signing of an exciting new cooperation and sales contract with the Beijing subsidiary of the firm China Putian, one of the largest corporations in Mainland China.

Together with China Putian, City Network will utilize over 600 retail sales centers already established across China to promote and distribute its ADSL, VDSL and wireless Internet equipment and components.

Recently, City Network sent Ms. Alice Chen, one of the company's directors and top managers, to Beijing to direct the new joint effort with China Putian. City Network plans to focus much of its development effort and product offerings on Beijing and the entire greater China market.

In an effort to rapidly facilitate the start of this cooperation, City Network has already received orders for large quantities of ADSL equipment as well as begun shipping other items to China's capital city Beijing. The two companies estimate that in the year 2003, the join venture could reach a goal of as much as ten million U.S. dollars in total sales.

"It is a remarkable step in our effort to expand sales and raise company profit," said project manager and company representative Alice Chen, "we see the chance to cooperate with such a well-known and established firm as China Putian as substantial progress in our company's own sales goals."

China Putian was one of the top ten corporations in all of China in sales volume and managed over sixty-four billion CNY in total revenue (8 billion U.S. dollars). With this caliber of joint venture partner City Network feels that its move into China will allow it to achieve greater stability and will doubtless provide tremendous business opportunity in the world's largest consumer market.

"With this type of partnership, we feel that City Network could easily become China Putian's primary supplier of Internet hardware and networking components," commented the company's spokesperson, "if things progress as planned, we possibly could see considerable monthly revenues from this cooperation alone."


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