NumberWeb Technologies recently presented a revolutionary web technology at the China Hi-Tech Fair (CHTF) 2003 in Shenzhen.

The new technology invented by NumberWeb is termed Phone Number Web or PNW in short. The web pages in PNW are addressed by phone numbers. NumberWeb aims to use the PNW technology to provide web presence for every phone user.

"Naming is a fundamental issue in every computing problem," Dr. Dongxiao Yue, the inventor of PNW said. "We can create web sites today, but the current domain name scheme does not allow sites to be easily discovered, thus the majority of businesses and individuals can't take full advantage of the internet, they are mere consumers of information provided mostly by the few large ICPs. By using globally unique phone numbers as web site addresses, people can establish global 24×7 web presence that are easily discoverable. People don't have to learn the English alphabet to write down URLs, and the existing phone directory services can help finding the phone numbers of businesses and individuals."

The PNW system includes components for users to create and administer their web pages through a simple interface. PNW makes the creation, publishing and access of web pages as simple as making and receiving phone calls. No doubt, this technology will expand the web by orders of magnitude. Common people will be able to create their own web sites. Most importantly, such sites can be easily discovered and accessed, therefore effective. By using NumberWeb's technology, a single phone number is sufficient to identify and address its owner in both the communication network and business world.

With PNW technology deployed, a globally recognized telephone number will be the signature information access point of individual and business alike, from which rich hypermedia information can be published and retrieved. When a phone number is displayed on the screen of a PNW enabled phone device, the user can enter the associated web site by pressing a function key. Effectively, we will extend the phone number with functional dimensions which could encompass all of the existing internet services, such as e-fax, e-mail, e-commerce, etc.

Dr. Yue, who presented at the CHTF conference, added, "Logically, PNW makes a phone number a source of rich information and interaction. PNW enables businesses and individuals to take full advantage of the web. PNW will provide true value to all phone users. As the number of phone users is huge, we will see a big bang of the global information network resulting from the deployment of PNW. The whole IT industry will benefit from such expansion and demand."


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