D-Link, a Taiwan-based maker of broadband equipment, will increase its cooperation with its Chinese partner, aiming to become the top supplier of ADSL-related products in China's broadband market, company president JC Liao said recently.

Quoting statistics released by Gartner Dataquest, Liao said that in China the number of new ADSL subscribers increased by 1.888 million in the first half of this year, for the world?s second-highest growth, trailing only Japan?s 2.617 million new subscribers.

Based on the growth in ADSL subscribers, Taiwanese broadband equipment makers predicted that demand for DSLAMs (digital subscriber line access multiplexers) in China this year should reach around six million lines, while demand for customer premise equipment (CPE) should expand to four million lines.

Looking forward, China?s ADSL market is likely to expand by another six million to 10 million lines in 2004, Liao estimated.


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