Zhu Jiang, deputy president of Beijing Supreme Court, recently announced that all judicial files concerning intellectual property rights, from all three levels of Beijing's courthouses, will be available on www.bjgy.chinacourt.org, the official website of Beijing Supreme Court.

"This signifies a new stage of Beijing courts' open trial system," said Zhu, adding that it was the first time in China or the world that courts had published judicial files concerning intellectual property rights on the Internet.

According to Zhu, judicial files of all intellectual property rights cases will be available unabridged. The files will be refreshed and supplemented every month. For some key cases, the website will upload the files frequently, so that citizens will be informed of the latest news of intellectual property rights lawsuits. "This move means courts are willing to be supervised by society. The public can evaluate our work by reading the judicial files. Judicial files are the ultimate carriers of lawful justice", said Zhu. "In the past, they were state-level secret archives. However, along with China's judicial construction process, they are open to the public now."


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