Following the application for halting its 191/192 wireless calling services in 2003, China Unicom (CHU) has now applied for the ending of its calling services on many other number prefix sections.

A circular from the Telecom Management Bureau of the Ministry of Information Industry shows that China Unicom has applied to stop its 198/199, 126/127, 128/129 calling service in all regions across China, excluding Shanghai. The Telecom Management Bureau says it will approve China Unicom's application for stopping the service after a 20-day demonstration period.

Actually, China Unicom is reported to have already halted all calling services before this application was made. A representative from China Unicom said that the company sold its calling service subsidiary to China Satcom as early as in 2003, so it has actually not run any calling services since then on those prefixes.

Surprisingly, China Unicom re-applied in 2005 to stop those services, saying that it would withdraw all its calling services gradually so as not to upset users.



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