Verso Technologies, Inc., an integrated communications solutions company, announced recently that it has signed an agreement to provide its Clarent Edge Access Softswitch Solution to Hainan Mobile, a wholly owned subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Co (CMCC).

The Clarent Class 5 Call Manager (C5CM), part of Verso's Clarent Edge Access Softswitch Solution, will be used in a pilot program to enable Hainan's landline-based enterprise customers to connect to the existing backbone of their wireless network, increasing the network's ROI. The C5CM enables service providers to support enterprise managed services for voice and data convergence and Voice over Broadband (VOBB) services for residential and small office/home office customers.

"We are very pleased to announce this contract with Hainan Mobile. Hainan Mobile and CMCC came to Verso seeking a solution that would enable landline customers to connect to CMCC's existing network for trunking, while taking advantage of the explosion of broadband in China to support the last mile. Our Edge Access solution will enable CMCC to create what is essentially a hybrid carrier in that it is a wireless carrier serving both wireless and landline customers with a wide range of call services using VoBB. We see this as critical step in expanding both VOBB and other calling services throughout China," said Steve Odom, Verso's chairman and chief executive officer.

According to the China Daily News, investment in China's broadband market is projected to rise by 67% over 2002 to 4.5 billion yuan (US $542.1 million) in 2003. Further, broadband subscription in China is forecasted to reach nearly 21 million by 2005, or double the forecast for EOY2003.


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