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CMO Comes To Seize Chinese Mainland Market With New Chimei Brand

Chi Mei Optoelectronics, the second largest supplier of TFT-LCD panels in Taiwan, has announced intentions to enter the Chinese mainland market with its self-owned brand Chimei.

CMO has already released six types of products targeting the mainland's high-end LCD market.

This year is the third year that CMO has been producing self-owned brand products. Zheng Liangbin, executive deputy general manager of Chimei's Business Department, says that CMO had sold 300,000 Chimei brand LCD television sets and one million Chimei brand computer monitors by 2007.

"The Chinese mainland is the world's third largest market, and it offers an opportunity for CMO to enter at any time," said Zheng to local media. He further disclosed that CMO will make 450,000 Chimei brand LCD television sets this year, including 30,000 in mainland China. In addition, it will also produce one million Chimei brand computer monitors in the mainland market.

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