AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc., a provider of telecom network and software solutions in China, recently announced that it has signed a contract with China Mobile to deploy AsiaInfo's Integrated Settlement Solution (AIISS) and provide system integration services to upgrade the carrier's data and mobile networks' business clearance and settlement capabilities.

As an important part in the second phase of construction of China Mobile's first grade BOSS network, the project that AsiaInfo has won includes the expansion and upgrading of the carrier's national clearance center, mobile intelligence network settlement system and international billing and settlement system for IDD calls. Facing fast growing and increasingly diverse customer demands, China Mobile has been continuously adding new services to its product portfolio in recent years. As such, the carrier soon found its current settlement and clearance capabilities lacking in both capacity and functionality to support these services, in particular its national clearance center. China Mobile anticipates 210 million service subscribers for its various services by 2005. Upon completion of the project, the carrier's national clearance center will be able to provide all users with enhanced and function rich clearance and settlement support. Additionally the system capability is fully expandable as demand grows.

"This significant contract win further strengthens our long-term strategic relationship with China Mobile, one of our key customers," Xingsheng Zhang, AsiaInfo's President and Chief Executive Officer, commented. "China Mobile is clearly very keen to continuously invest in further enhancing service capability and improving management efficiency, which shows great opportunities for AsiaInfo. We will further leverage our large installation base and our successful client service track record, as well as our mature product and service delivery capabilities, to continuously expand our business relationship with the carrier and support its future growth, as we have so far been very successful in doing through the past explosion in end user population and demand."


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