The Chinese government is seeking public contributions to its medium- and long-term plan for science and technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology announced recently.

The plan under discussion will stipulate overall framework of China's scientific and technological projects and objectives from 2006 to 2020. A website ( has been established to draw comments from the public, and suggestions could also be made through other media, said Shi Dinghuan, a ministry spokesman.

The office in charge of the plan would collect specific views through surveys at universities and in businesses. Consulting companies would also be invited to analyze public comments from different channels. Consulting groups composed of experts on science and technology, economics, social science and management would play a crucial rolein drawing up the plan, and they would be encouraged to have regular exchanges. Foreign experts would also be invited to participate the process of making plans on the use of intellectual resources overseas, globalization, talent strategy, strategic high technology and basic science development.


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