CETC-China Communication Co., Ltd. (CETC-CHINACOMM), China's largest fixed wireless access network operator, and Motorola's Global Telecom Solutions Sector (GTSS) have announced a contract for the purchase of Motorola's unique wireless broadband solution, including Canopy 5.8GHz wireless broadband equipment and relevant technical services, for a fixed wireless access network in Nanjing.

The contract marks the first agreement between Motorola and CETC-CHINACOMM in the wireless broadband service field, as well as the first purchase by CETC-CHINACOMM of the 5.8GHz wireless broadband solution.

The solution provided by Motorola will allow users to access the Internet, e-mail and other data services in a wireless broadband environment through components including Motorola's Canopy system. The Canopy system uses Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint networks that can span distances ranging from two to 10 miles in a multipoint configuration, to as many as 35 miles in a Point-to-Point configuration. CETC-CHINACOMM, which has acquired the right to use the 3.5GHz ground fixed wireless access system frequency in 29 cities, is the first to operate in the 3.5GHz frequency for commercial wireless access network provision and has established 3.5GHz Commercial Bureaus in Nanjing, Wuhan and three other cities. As 5.8GHz is a public frequency band, operators need not purchase frequency resources, so networking with both 5.8GHz and 3.5GHz products lowers the cost of the 3.5GHz wireless access network.

Zhu Shurong, chief engineer, CETC-CHINACOMM said, "With Motorola's products and services, CETC-CHINACOMM Jiangsu is able to quickly set up a wireless broadband access infrastructure covering Nanjing, satisfying customers' demands and forming a successful fixed wireless broadband service model."


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