Beijing E-World and On2 Technologies, Inc. recently announced that On2's VP5 and VP6 video codecs are included in China's industrial standard for the new Enhanced Versatile Disk (EVD).

EVD is a next-generation media technology developed by Beijing E-world to become the standard for the recording and playback of digital video, audio, and data within China. The recommended video compression algorithm portion of the standard includes only the On2 codecs, making VP5 and VP6 the official video compression technology to be used in future versions of the EVD in China. On2's compression technology will enable truly high-definition (HD) movies to fit on a single EVD disk, a feat not possible with current DVD encoding standards.

The working group of the EVD standard submitted the final standard to the Chinese Ministry of Information Industries and the Standardization Administration of China (SAC) recently. The SAC is responsible for disseminating standards documents so manufacturers can build their products in accordance with the standards. In addition to VP5 and VP6, the EVD standard also includes certain hardware guidelines and the Beijing E-world audio codec.


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