Yangtze Telecom Corp. recently announced that its wholly owned Chinese subsidiary has signed an agreement with the People's Posts and Telecommunications News Agency (PPTNA) to offer SMS-based information services to mobile phone users in China.

Under the agreement PPTNA will provide timely information content that will be offered to mobile phone users exclusively through Yangtze Telecom's SMS services. Customers will either be billed each time they access the information or will be able to select tailored information bundles produced by PPTNA. These SMS information services will also be offered through the China Information Industry web site (www.cnii.com.cn). Revenues from this agreement will be shared with 60% to Yangtze Telecom and 40% to PPTNA.

PPTNA operates directly under the Ministry of Information Industry of China and is the authoritative and official news agency in China's telecommunication and information industry. PPTNA publishes three newspapers: People's Posts and Telecommunications News, China Netizen News and China Philately; and three magazines: China Telecom Industry, China Radio Management and Posts and Telecommunications Enterprises Management. The Agency also runs the China Information Industry web site (www.cnii.com.cn) and a TV news program production center. PPTNA's reporting covers every aspect of the telecommunication and information industry in China.


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