Xybernaut Corporation and the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (Beihang) recently announced that they will conduct joint research and development of mobile/wearable computing, and its application to the commercial and government sectors in China.

Under terms of the agreement, Xybernaut and Beihang will establish a National Center of Competence for Wearable Technology for research, development and deployment of Xybernaut technologies and their applications throughout the PRC.

Xybernaut will provide technologies, know-how and access to intellectual property, while Beihang's relationships with various governmental agencies, ministries and commercial companies will provide access to funding for both developmental activities and pilot programs targeting commercial industries and governmental aviation/aerospace sectors.

"The work that Xybernaut has successfully accomplished in the areas of mobile/wearable computing has great promise when combined with our own scientific development work. We believe that our combined strengths will support technology transfer from our labs to the public marketplace," stated Jiancheng Fang, professor, Vice Deputy Dean and Deputy Director of the School of Astronautics, and the Modern Space Information and Control Technology Center.

The joint programs have the primary objective of allowing students, faculty and interested third parties to be on the cutting edge of mobile/wearable technologies. Curricula and development will relate to computation, communications, information processing, project and change management and man-machine interface, as well as more traditional studies in math, physics, electronics and engineering.


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