Business Wire has entered into a news distribution agreement with China's Technology Information Promotion System ("TIPS"), a government-affiliated agency that provides access to a multi-channel distribution platform that reaches Chinese enterprises, media, government and educational institutions, and consumers.

TIPS, established in 1985 by China's Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and the Ministry of Science and Technology, maintains a proprietary communications infrastructure that ensures comprehensive distribution to all of China's key constituencies.

Headquartered in Beijing and housed in the Institute of Science and Technology Information of China ("ISTIC") complex, TIPS is part of a global communications network that provides Chinese enterprises and other subscribers with international technology news, import-export developments, new products, technology transfers, joint ventures, and related industry news. TIPS has 30 bureaus throughout China and is part of a satellite network of some two dozen regional partners worldwide.

The arrangement with TIPS, which officially begins on December 1, will have a positive impact on all Business Wire Asia Pacific regional circuits. All releases transmitted to China and Hong Kong will automatically be translated into simplified and traditional Chinese. In addition to its own dedicated network, TIPS maintains content-sharing agreements with affiliated distribution partners, ensuring the broadest penetration of the China/Hong Kong marketplace.


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