AsiaInfo Holdings, Inc., a leading provider of telecom network and software solutions in China, today announced the closing of its acquisition of US$9.0 million in Human Resource Management (HRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) assets from Pacific Software (China) Limited.

The company also announced the signing of an HRM solution contract between Pacific Software and Air China, a leading airline company in China. The total contract is valued at US$1 million, of which 100% is for software and services.

The new contract is for the first phase of construction of Air China's computerized HRM system, providing Air China with a highly functional and efficient system that will enable the accurate, timely and standardized capturing, storage, analysis and maintenance of all HR-related information. A key component of Air China's enterprise management system, the HRM software solution is also capable of facilitating all key HR management functions; from basic data collection, filing, analysis and reporting, to performance review and salary/incentives management, to organization development management. In particular, as with most other Chinese large-scale and State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), the system will support Air China's human resource management along government requirements and in compliance with domestic labor laws on pension, housing and insurance, as well as management of promotion systems for skilled workers based on numerous state-administered tests.

With 23,000 employees throughout its nationwide offices, Air China had business revenue of US$2.8 billion in 2002, and is a major player in China's airline industry. The company had previously contracted Pacific Software to deploy its BI solutions.


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