Cirmaker Technology Corp., which manufactures set top boxes for the Chinese digital TV market, cooling systems for personal computers and electrical parts, recently announced that it received during the month of October a total of $1.8 million in new orders from six customers for cooling systems for laptop and personal computers as well as electrical connectors.

The customers, which are largely suppliers to major computer and CPU manufacturers, are located in Taiwan, Indonesia, Spain, Syria and Mexico. The cooling systems are used in PCs and laptops marketed by some of the largest and best-known computer manufacturers in the world. The orders are for 581,210 CPU cooling system units and more than 56 million electrical connectors. As of the end of November, 45% of the orders were shipped. The Company expects to have shipped the remaining 55% of the orders by year-end.

The Cirmaker Technology cooling system units for laptop and personal computers are superior in several respects to other products on the market. First, they are developed in partnership with the client so that they meet each client's particular specifications. Second, Cirmaker's expertise in making cooling fin assemblies, a critical component of cooling units, results in smaller (about half the size of typical assemblies), higher quality (due to a patented design and manufacturing method), lower cost (20% less than typical competitors) and more efficient cooling products. Cirmaker fin assemblies cut cooling fan power requirements by two thirds, a key factor in reducing laptop battery drain. Major suppliers to the laptop computer industry are sourcing Cirmaker cooling systems after determining that they have the lowest defect rates of any competitive manufacturer.


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